BKTV is Live streaming entertainment!

BKTV Live is a streaming platform for musicians performing Live. Shows we produce are mainly acoustics, solo performances and duet performances.  The aim of BKTV LIVE is to bring musicians and artists closer to their viewers and fans, so we focus on acoustic shows, solo or duet performances in order to make the show more personal and real to both the viewer and the artist. Fans can enjoy their favorite artists solo performance and be able to see close up interaction with their guitarist, pianist or saxophonist. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet or PC, anywhere can enjoy a personal one-to-one musical experience with their artists. 

The length of most shows is usually 60 minutes – 30 minutes x 2 stages – with a 5 to 10 minutes break in between. During the break, artists can engage in a Q & A session whereby they answer questions on screen emailed in from viewers and fans.  Viewers can also enjoy watching a Promotional Video of the artist during the break before the 2nd stage. This break is designed to create a closer bond with the artists and their viewers.


BKTV LIVE is now providing a means and a virtual venue for artists to express themselves with acoustic/solo performances during the Covid19 lockdown provide ways to re-connect with their fans globally. Please enjoy the live gigs we produce and be part of the Live stream revolution on BKTV. Keeping it simple and kool as our slogan – Be Kool.

If you are a musician and would like to stream your show Live on the BKTV platform, please contact us with your details including profile/portfolio, sample song or video link, website, SNS etc.  ( contact@bktvlive.com ) 


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