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Date : 11 / 7月 / 2021
Time : 15:00-16:10
Address : BKTV Live Stream
Tel : (+81)-(0)6-6245-7679

Saori Nishizono – Duo Live Session

Singer, Song-writer


Saori Nishizono is branded as the “Diva to energize the earth” because of her “soulful joy of living” that she portrays in her songs. She performs mainly in Kansai, at Jazz Clubs, film festivals, and large audience parties at Kobe Portpia Hotel. Saori is a versatile singer and her genre includes standard Jazz, Pops and original songs she performs according to the venue and concept.

Apart from being a lyricist and composer, Saori Nishizono is also a vocal expert and is active as a voice analyst and voice trainer. She collaborates with musicians in different genres like “Fashion and voice”, “Aroma and voice”, “Yoga and voice workshop etc.

Her YouTube channel is “Diva that energizes the earth”. Delivering music and dialogues on various topics.

Musician SAORI NISHIZONO ( Guitarist : Akio )
Genre POPs, Standard Jazz
Date 11th July 2021(SUN)
Time 1st Stage: 3:00 pm ~ 3:30pm 2nd Stage: 3:40pm ~ 4:10pm
Break time 3:30pm ~ 3:40pm
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